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"Kuzmenko, A.A.;Vorobev, V.D.;Denisyuk, I.I.;Dauetas, A.A."

Seismic Effects of Blasting in Rock.

Rotterdam, Balkema 1993.

Product No.: TECH1563

XII, 169 S., OPappband mit OUmschl., neuwertig. Hardbound, mint condition.


65.00 Euro

incl. tax (10%)
(excl. tax 59.09)

Helbig, Klaus.

Foundations of Anisotropy for Exploration Seismics.

Oxford, Pergamon (1994).

Product No.: TECH1572

XVI, 486 S., OKst., wie neu. Hardbound, as good as new.


260.00 Euro

incl. tax (10%)
(excl. tax 236.36)

Verhoef, Peter N.W.

Wear of Rock Cutting Tools: Implications for the Site Investigation of Rock Dredging Projects.

Rotterdam, Balkema 1997.

Product No.: TECH1573

XII, 327 S. Mit graph. Darst. OPappband, neuwertig. Hardcover, as good as new.


128.00 Euro

incl. tax (10%)
(excl. tax 116.36)

Jeremic, M.L.

Strata Mechanics in Coal Mining.

Rotterdam, Balkema 1985.

Product No.: TECH1611

gr.-8°. X, 566 S., zahlr.Abb. im Text, OLn. mit OU. Spiegel mit priv. Eignerstemp., ansonsten sehr gutes Expl. Clothbound, flyleaf stamped, otherwise very fresh copy.


38.00 Euro

incl. tax (10%)
(excl. tax 34.55)

"Bullen, K.E.; Bolt, Bruce A."

An Introduction to The theory of Seismology.

Cambridge, University Press (1987).

Product No.: TECH1599

xvii, 499 pp, softcover. Unread copy, as new.


18.00 Euro

incl. tax (10%)
(excl. tax 16.36)

"Kozak, Jan; Waniek, Ludvik (Editors)."

Physics of Fracturing and Seismic Energy Release.

Basel, Birkhäuser (1987).

Product No.: TECH1594

gr.-8°. Ss. 609-673, OKart. Neuwertig.


20.00 Euro

incl. tax (10%)
(excl. tax 18.18)

Melchior, Paul.

The Physics of the Earth's Core: An Introduction.

Oxford, Pergamon Press (1986).

Product No.: TECH1593

vi, 256 pp, Paperback, as good as new. OKart., wie neu.


18.00 Euro

incl. tax (10%)
(excl. tax 16.36)

"Plöchinger, Benno; Prey, S."

"Der Wienerwald. (= Samlung geologischer Führer; 59.)"

Berlin, Bortraeger 1974.

Product No.: AUST0685

XI, 141 S. Mit 23 Ill. u. graph. Darst., 2 Karten. Spiegel mit priv. Eignerstemp., ansonsten wie neu.


12.00 Euro

incl. tax (10%)
(excl. tax 10.91)

Farmer, Ian.

Engineering Behaviour of Rocks. Second Edition.

London, Chapman and Hall (1983).

Product No.: TECH1610

VI, 208 pp., Ppb. Cover inside stamped by priv. owner. OBrosch., Umschlaginnenseite mit priv. Eignerstemnp., ansonsten tadellos.


29.00 Euro

incl. tax (10%)
(excl. tax 26.36)

"Gibowicz, Slawomir Jerzy; Kijko, Andrzej; Kijko, A."

An Introduction to Mining Seismology.

San Diego, Academic Press (1994).

Product No.: TECH1595

x, 399 pp, Hardcover, as good as new. OPappband, neuwertig.


44.00 Euro

incl. tax (10%)
(excl. tax 40.00)

Stephansson, Ove.

Rock Bolting: Theory and Application in Mining and Underground Construction: Proceedings of the International Symposium, Abisko, Sweden, August 1983.

Rotterdam, Balkema 1984.

Product No.: TECH1597

gr.-8°. ix, 630 pp, hardbound, flyleaf stamped, otherwise very fresh copy. OKst., Spiegel priv. gestemp., ansonsten sehr gut erhalten.


90.00 Euro

incl. tax (10%)
(excl. tax 81.82)

Craddock, Paul T.

Early Metal Mining and Production.

Washington, Smithsonian Institution Press (1995).

Product No.: TECH1605

IX, 363 pp, clothbound with dustjacket, as good as new. OLn. mit OUmschlag, neuwertig.


158.00 Euro

incl. tax (10%)
(excl. tax 143.64)

Claerbout, Jon F.

Imaging the Earth's Interior.

Oxford, Blackwell 1985.

Product No.: TECH1602

XV, 398 S., OKst. mit OUmschlag. Spiegel mit priv. Eignerstempel, ansonsten wie neu. Hardcover, inner cover/fly-leaf paper with private owner's stamp, otherwise in mint condition.


34.00 Euro

incl. tax (10%)
(excl. tax 30.91)

"Evans, Brian; Teng-fong Wong (editors)."

Fault Mechanics and Transport Properties of Rocks. A Festschrift in Honor of W.F. Brace.

London, Academic Press (1992).

Product No.: TECH1598

gr.-8°. xxiii, 524 S. Mit zahlr. Abb. im Text. OPappband, Spiegel mit priv. Eignerstemp., ansonsten neuwertig. Hardcover, inner cover/fly-leaf paper with private owner's stamp, otherwise...


138.00 Euro

incl. tax (10%)
(excl. tax 125.45)

Chapman, Chris.

Fundamentals of Seismic Wave Propagation.

Cambridge, University Press 2004.

Product No.: TECH1603

gr.-8°. XXIII, 608 S. Mit graph. Darst. OPappband, neuwertig. Hardcover, as new.


55.00 Euro

incl. tax (10%)
(excl. tax 50.00)

"Dowla, Farid U.; Rogers, Leah L."

Solving Problems in Environmental Engineering and Geosciences with Artificial Neural Networks.

Cambridge, MIT Press (1995).

Product No.: TECH1600

gr.-8°. X, 239 S., OLn. mit OUmschlag, neuwertig. Clothbound with dustj., as new.


34.00 Euro

incl. tax (10%)
(excl. tax 30.91)

Bolt, Bruce A.

Seismic Stong Motion Synthetics.

Orlando, Academic Press (1987).

Product No.: TECH1587

VIII, 328 S. OPappband, neuwertig. Hardbound, as new.


35.00 Euro

incl. tax (10%)
(excl. tax 31.82)

Oberhauser, Rudolf.

Geologische Themakarte 1:200000, geologisch-tektonische Übersichtskarte Vorarlberg / Hrsg.: Geologische Bundesanstalt.

Wien, Geologische Bundesanstalt 1998.

Product No.: TECH1592

Mehrf. gef. Karte mit Beiheft (42 Falttafeln) u. Übersichtskarte, in Hülle. Wie neu.


20.00 Euro

incl. tax (10%)
(excl. tax 18.18)

Bruton, Eric.

Diamonds. Second edition.

Radnor, Chilton 1978.

Product No.: TECH1576

gr.-8°. XIV, 532 S., OLn. mit OUmschl. Sehr gut erhalten. Hardbound w. dustj., very clean copy.


22.00 Euro

incl. tax (10%)
(excl. tax 20.00)

"Porter, Stephen C.; Skinner, Brian J."

The Dynamic Earth : Introduction to Physical Geology. Second edition.

New York, Wiley (1992).

Product No.: TECH1590

4°. XIV, 570 S., zahlr. farbige Abb., OBrosch. Handschr. Eignervermerk. Paperback, good copy.


19.00 Euro

incl. tax (10%)
(excl. tax 17.27)

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