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"CHEN, John K.; CHEN, Tina T."

Chinese Medical Herbology and Pharmacology

City of Industry, Art of Medicine Press 2004.

4°. 1267 S., 1150 Illustr., OPappbd. mit OU., Innengelenke gewichtsbedingt angeplatzt.

This compilation is the most comprehensive and authoritative text on Chinese Herbal Medicine. With contributions by more than fifty academic, clinical, research and regulatory professionals, 670 in-depth herb monographs are accompanied by 1150 illustrations (color and black-and-white photographs, classic line drawings, and chemical structure diagrams). Contents include detailed descriptions of Oriental medicine (traditional uses, dosages and preparation), western science (pharmacological effects, clinical studies and research), and safety data (herb-drug interactions, safety index, toxicology, symptoms and treatments of overdosage). In addition, it has concise summary tables for rapid comparison and contrast of herb attributes and uses, and ten wide-ranging appendices for clinical, classroom, or research uses. An invaluable text for all healthcare professionals, students, educators and researchers.


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