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Tanks and Armored Vehicles of the US Army. Collection of 14 Books.

"I.: Hoffschmidt, E.J.; Tantum, W.H.: US Military Vehicles WW II. OLd Greenwich, WE Inc. 1970. OPpbd. m. OU. / II.: Kelly, Orr: King of the Killing Zone. The Story of the M-1, America's super Tank. New York, Norton 1989. OHLn. m. OU. / III.: Dunstan, Simon: Vietnam Tracks. Armor in Battle 1945-1975. London, Osprey 1982. OPpbd. m. OU. / IV.: History and Role of Armor in the U.S. Service. Wickenburg, Normount [1973]. OBrosch. / V.: Chamberlain, Peter; Ellis, Chris: The Sherman. An illustrated History of the M4 Medium Tank. New York, Arco 1978. OKart. / VI.: Icks, Robert J.: Modern US Armored Support Vehicles. Windsor, Profile Pub. 1971. OPpbd. / VII.: Crow, Duncan: U.S. Armor-Cavalry (1917-1967). A short History. Windsor, Profile 1973. OPpbd. m. OU. / VIII.: Jones, Ken; Chamberlain, Peter: Lee & Grant. Classic AFVs No2. Their History and how to model them. London, PSL / Airfix 1977. OPpbd. / IX.: Wise, Terence: American Military Camouflage and Markings 1939 - 1945. London, Almark 1973. OKart. / X.: Clemens, A.J.: American Armored Cars. Canoga Park, Grenadier Books 1969. OBrosch. / XI.: War Data. AFV Nr. 4. M-48/60 Patton. Main Battle Tank. (Israeli Pattons in Combat 1967/73). Hod Hasharon, Dramit 1979. OBrosch. / XII.: Starry, Donn: Armoured Combat in Vietnam. Poole, Blandford 1980. OPpbd. m. OU. / XIII.: Ellis, Chis; Chamberlain Peter: American Armoures Cars 1940-1945. Edgware, Almarks. 1969. Obrosch. / XIII.: Ellis, Chis; Chamberlain Peter: Sherman Tank. Production Models 1941-1945. Edgware, Almarks. 1970. OBrosch. Bücher teilweise mit Gebrauchs- u. Lagerspuren."

Schlagwörter: Armored warfare, Tanks, US Army

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