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The German Forces in the Field. Compiled by General Staff, War Office. November, 1940.

[London], M.I. 14 1940.

146 Bl., einseitig bedruckt, OKart., leichte Gebrauchsspuren

"A survey of the chain of command down to divisions; a list of identified divisions, with particulars of their composition and short notes on their fighting value, and a series of indexes of German officers. MI14, or British Military Intelligence, Section 14 was a department of the British Directorate of Military Intelligence. It was an intelligence agency of the War Office, which specialised in intelligence about Germany. - Bibliographisch für uns nicht nachweisbar."

Schlagwörter: Wehrmacht, 2. Weltkrieg, Military Intelligence (M.I. 14), Militärische Aufklärung

Product No.: MILI2126


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