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Science Fiction. Konvolut 10 englische Taschenbücher.

alle Bände mit altersbed. Gebrauchs- u. Staubspuren, papiebed. gebr.

Dell-Book: Wilhelm, K. The Killer Thing. 156 S. - Trout, K. Venus on the Half-Shell. 204 S./New English Library: O'Neill, J. Land under England. Introd. Anthony Storr. 286 S. - Brunner, J. Web of Everywhere. 142 S./Four Square Books: Hoyle, F. Ossian's Ride. 189 S. - Valentine, V. Cure for Death. 160 S./Fawcett Gold Medal Book: MacDonald, J.D. Ballroom Of The Skies. 173 S. - Maine, Ch. E. Survival Margin. 192 S./Transworld Publ.: Maine Ch. E. Calculated Risk. 126 S. - Vonnegut jr., Kurt. The Sirens of Titan. 221 S.

Schlagwörter: Utopia, Weltraum, Fantasy, Belletristik, Horror, Zukunftsromane, Utopic novels, Space

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