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"Studies in Language. International journal sponsored by the Foundation ""Foundations of Language"". Vol. 30, Nr. 1/2006."

Amsterdam, John Benjamins Publ.

gr.-8°, IV, 234 S., OKart., nur unwesentl. Gebrauchsspuren.

In Englisch. - Inhalt: Articles: Object-, animacy- and role-based strategies: A typology of object marking. An obstacle to the morphologization of postpositions. Typology of heavy and light again or the eternal return of the same. Shape in grammar revisited. Reviews: Blackwell, S.E. Imlicatures in Discourse. The Case of Spanish NP Anaphora. Fernández, Eva M. Bilingual Sentence Processing. Relative Clause Attachment in Englisch and Spanisch. Herman, David (ed.): Narrative Theory and the Cognitive Sciences. Reviewd by Elisabeth LEINFELLNER. Plank, Frans (ed.): Noun Phrase Structure in the Language of Europe. Oberlies, Thomas: A grammar of Epic Sanskrit. Jaszczolt, K.M. and Ken Turner (ed.): Meaning through language contrast. Macham, Tim Williams: English in the middle ages. Lindquist, Hans and Mair, Christian (eds): Corpus approaches to grammaticalitation in English (Studies in Corpus Linguistics 13).

Schlagwörter: Philosophie, Sprachwissenschaft, Linguistik, Philologie, Philosophy, Philology

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