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Leinfellner, Werner.

Konvolut 2 Zeitschriften mit Artikeln von Prof. Dr. Werner Leinfellner.

beide Hefte OKart. mit Gebrauchs- u. Stellspuren.

Journal of Human Relations. Second Quarter 1973. Wilberforce, Ohio, Central State Univ. 246 S. (Axiological Foundations of the Realizing, the Technological, and the Cognitive sciences)./Proceedings of the Czechoslovak-Austrian Symposium 28th - 29th October 1988 Prague, The cognition of social processes. (Acta Oeconomica Pragensia 57). 172 S. (The Rise and Fall of the Expected Utility Hypothesis).

Schlagwörter: Philosophie, Sozialwissenschaft, Philosophy, Social science

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