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Yao Damu & Zhang Jingbao

A Coloured Atlas of The Chinese Materia Medica Specified in Pharmacopoeia of The People's Republic of China (1995 Edition) Zhonghua renmin gongheguo yaodian zhongyao caise tuji : 1995 nian ban

Guangdong Science & Technology Press 1996.

4°. 519 S., contains 1506 col. photos, r illustr., hardcover with d/j, good condition. ISBN 7535915418

522 kinds of Chinese herbs and their preparations specified in the Atlas was arranged in accordance with Chinese Pharmacopoeia. The ecology of original plants, animals, and minerals. The macroscopical and microscopical characters of the crude drugs were made into colored photos. This Atlas can be of great help to the readers in understanding and carrying out Chinese Pharmacopoeia. Chinese with English translations. - Originalschrift Ausgabe: ?1???1??? ??????????????? : 1995?? -

Schlagwörter: China, Medizin, TCM

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