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"GROOS, Ulrike; SCHIMPF, Simone (Hrsg.)"

"Rasterfahndung : das Raster in der Kunst nach 1945 ; [Ausstellung im Kunstmuseum Stuttgart, 5. Mai bis 7. Oktober 2012]."

Stuttgart, Wienend 2012.

4°. 328 S., zahlr. u. teils farbige Abb., OKart., wie neu. ISBN 9783868320893

"Text dt. u. engl. - A staple in the collections of Roy Lichtenstein, Sarah Morris, Sigmar Polke, and Sol LeWitt, the halftone technique of creating an image through a series of dots dates back to ancient times, and this comprehensive reference explores the history, use, and meanings of halftones throughout time, particularly in the fine arts after 1945. Included are details about the technique's heyday in the 1960s when it became one of the crucial features of minimalist and pop art; rare insight into the relationship between halftones, music, and architecture; and extensive interviews with involved artists."


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