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Mexico. Konvolut von 5 englischsprachigen Büchern.

Clark, Sydney: All the Best in Mexico. New York, Mead & Co. 1959. OLn. / Norman, James: Terry's Guide to Mexico. New York, Douleday & Co. 1972. OLn. m. OU. / Winter, Evelyne: Mexico's ancient and native remedies. A Handbook of Testimonials and Historic References for Modern Use. Mexico, Editorial Fournier 1968. OKart. / Toor, Frances: A Treasury of Mexican Folkways. The Customs, Myths, Folklore, Traditions, Beliefs, Fiestas, Dances and Songs of the Mexican People. New York, Crown Publishers 1979. OPpbd. m. OU. / Salinas, Adolfo Duclos: The Riches of Mexico and its Institutions. St. Louis, Nixon-jones 1893. OLn.

Schlagwörter: Mexico, Mexiko, Reiseführer, Geschichte, Kultur

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