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Mexico. Konvolut von 6 englischsprachigen Büchern.

"Muller, Florencia; Hopkins, Barbara: A Guide to mexican Ceramics. Mexico, Minutiae Mexicana 1974. OKart. / Nicholson, Irene: AGuide to mexican Poetry. Ancient and modern. Mexico, Minutiae Mexicana1968. OKart. / Norman, James: Terry's Guide to Mexico. New York, Doubleday & Co. 1962. OLn. / Zorita, Alonso de: The Lords of New Spain. The Brief and Summary Relation of the Lords of New Spain. London, Phoenix House [1965]. OLn. / Lewis, Oscar: The Children of Sánchez. Autobiography of a Mexican Family. New York, Random House 1961. OLn. / Sanford, Trent Elwwod: The Story of Architecture in Mexico. New York, Norton & Co. 1947. OLn."

Schlagwörter: Mexiko, Mexico, Literatur, Geschichte, Reiseführer, Architektur

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