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Tanks and Military Vehicles. Collection of 5 Books.

"I.: Vanderveen, Bart H.: A Source Book of Military Tracked Vehicles. London, Ward Lock 1973. OPpbd. m. OU. / II.: Bradford, George; Morgan, Len: 50 famous Tanks. London, Allan 1969. OPpbd. m.OU. / III.: Ellis, Chris: Military Transport of World War I including Vintage Vehicles and Post War Models. London, Blandford Press 1970. OPpbd. m.OU. / IV.: Ellis, Chris: Military Transport of World War II including Post War Vehicles. London, Blanford Press 1971. OPpbd. m. OU. / V.: Vanderveen, Bart H.: The Observer's Army Vehicles Directory to 1940. London, Warne 1974. OPpbd. m. OU."

Schlagwörter: Panzer, Tanks, Militärfahrzeuge, AFV, 2. Weltkrieg, 1, Weltkrieg, Second World War, First World War

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