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Indian Fighters and Indian Wars. Sammlung von 5 englischsprachigen Büchern.

I.: Townsend Brady, Cyrus: Indian Fights and Fighters. Lincoln, Univ. of Nebraska Press 1971. OKart. / II.: A Corps of Competent Authors and Artists: Wild Life on the Plains and Horrors of Indian Warfare: A Complete History of Indian Life, Warfare and Adventure in America. Making specially prominent the Late Indian War, with full Descriptions of the Messiah Craze, Ghost Dance, Life of Siiting Bull. New York Arno Press 1969. (= Reprint: Saint Louis, Continental Pub. 1891). OLn. mit OU. / III.: Gillett, James B.: Six Years with the Texas Rangers. 1875 to 1881. Lincoln, Univ. of Nebraska Press 1976. OKart. / IV.: Capps, Benjamin: The Warren Wagontrain Raid. The first complete Account of an historic indian Atttack and its Aftermath. Dallas, Southern Methodist Univ. Press 1989. OKart. / V.: Wellman, Paul I.: The Indian Wars of the West. Garden City, Doubleday 1947. OLn. Bücher teilweise mit leichten Gebrauchs- u. Lagerspuren.

Schlagwörter: USA, Indianerkriege, Indian Fighters, Völkermord

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